The Challenge of Change by Professor Brendan Drumm Book CoverThe Challenge of Change (2011)

Between 1997 and 2005, Ireland’s annual health service budget tripled from €3.7 billion to €11.5 billion. Despite this, in 2006 Ireland was ranked 25th among the 26 countries included in the Euro Health Consumer Index.

In 2005, following the recommendation of a number of reports, the Irish Government set up the Health Service Executive (HSE) to run the health service. Brendan Drumm was appointed for a five-year term as its CEO.

In The Challenge of Change, Brendan Drumm outlines the approach to implementing one of Europe’s most complex public sector transformation programmes, based on developing a health service that ensures the patient is always the priority. By 2009, Ireland was ranked 13th among the 33 countries then included in the Euro Health Consumer Index.

While change in any environment is difficult, healthcare systems internationally are notoriously resistant to change. This book provides a fascinating insider’s account as to why achieving worthwhile change in a health sector environment is both slow and almost always unpopular. This book will be of interest to anyone who wishes to understand and ultimately deliver change. The challenge of Change points to the need for the transformation journey to continue and the critical role healthcare professionals must continue to play in leading change.

The book was published by Orpen Press and is available for purchase on Amazon.


Access, Confidence and Pride – The Key Foundations For A World Class Health Service

The 2006 Michael Littleton Memorial Lecture was delivered by Professor Drumm during his term as CEO of the Health Service Executive. He spoke at length about both the challenges and merits associated with building a world class healthcare system in Ireland.

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Frontline Lessons in Healthcare Transformation cover

Frontline Lessons in Health Care Transformation

An interview with Brendan Drumm by McKinsey Quarterly in which Professor Drumm describes his experience implementing reforms within the Irish healthcare system.

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